massage therapy

get in touch with the many benefits of massage therapy: Regular massages can be a powerful tool in everyone’s life. Here is a list of just some of the benefits massage therapy offers: Stress relief In numerous studies, 60 minute massage therapy treatments have been shown to significantly lower people’s heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels- all contributing to decreased stress. Feel good. Common massage techniques can help you relax, triggering endorphins. Massages will reduce stress hormone levels, lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Regular massages have been linked with improving symptoms of anxiety and depression. Reduce body aches. A […] read more

muscle injuries: the science

Muscle injuries comprise of 10%-55% of all sustained sport related injuries.  Contusions, strains or lacerations are the three main causes of muscle injuries with more than 90% of muscle injuries resulting from contusions and strains.  A muscle contusion is where a muscle is subject to a sudden, strong compressive direct blow resulting in muscle tissue damage.  Strains are most commonly caused during sprinting, jumping, or rapid muscular contraction or over stretching.  This causes an excessive tensile (pulling) force subjected onto the muscle leading to overstraining of the myofibers (muscle fibers).  This typically occurs at the point where the muscle joins […] read more