Chia Seeds

TOP 5 Reasons to ADD CHIA SEEDS to your diet TODAY:

  1. Super high in dietary fiber. A whopping 10 grams in only 2 tablespoons, that is one-third of the daily recommended intake of fiber per day, making chia seeds great for digestion.
  2. Rich in polyunsaturated fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids. Important for hearth health and brain health.
  3. Packed with minerals. Just two tablespoons of chia seeds contain 18 percent of the DRI for calcium, 35 percent for phosphorus, 24 percent for magnesium and about 50 percent for manganese
  4. Contain no gluten or grains!
  5. Helps with weight-loss, keeping you fuller, longer.

Unlike flaxseeds,  chia seeds do not need to be ground in order to obtain their nutrient benefits.

It’s easy to start using Chia Seeds!
Start by adding 1 Tbsp of chia seeds to your smoothies, salads, add to muffin recipes, or sprinkle right onto your cereal!
BONUS: chia seeds can be stored for long periods of time in your refrigerator or pantry without going rancid, which makes it easier to save money by purchasing them in bulk.
Food for thought: A significant portion of the fiber in chia seeds is soluble fiber, the kind that lowers cholesterol levels and helps to protect against heart disease. Fiber also expands in your digestive tract and causes you to feel full and keeps blood sugar levels stable.
Look for chia seeds in your grocery store or find them in your local bulk barn!
TIP: The omega-3 provided by chia seeds is a short chain omega-3, called ALA. The fact chia seeds don’t provide EPA and DHA means you shouldn’t eat them hoping to get the same benefits you might if you consumed fish oil, or fish such as salmon.