Sitting kills… get up and move NOW!

Reading this while sitting? Maybe it is time to get up and stretch… go for a walk… take a run. We are spending TOO much time sitting. And it is hurting our health with every minute that passes! A desk job may mean sitting in the same position hour after hour. Did you know being sedentary for long periods of time (like while at work all day) have been linked to increased obesity, cardiovascular disease and even death. Our favourite tip: Get up and stretch every hour. Even if it means just stretching your legs and arms. You may feel […] read more

These common foods are saltier than you might think…

Of course we know to avoid snack foods like chips and pretzels when trying to cut salt from our meals. BUT you may be on a high-sodium diet without even knowing! Many unexpected foods are PACKED high with salt! High sodium diets can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and even gastric ulcers or cancer. How many of these foods are you unknowingly eating too much of? 1. Cereal Cereal can be healthy way to start your day—or a salty one! Many cereals have 180 to 300 mg of sodium per serving—up to 12% of what […] read more