Prevent Chronic Pain!


Here are 5 daily habits that can help prevent chronic pain:

1. Get an Endorphin Boost: Exercise

The more you move, the better your body will feel. Without exercise, you may lose muscle tone and strength, making pain worse. Fortunately, even mild exercise releases endorphins.

2. Avoid alcohol

When your body is injured you need rest to help recover. You will need a good night’s sleep to help soothe the stresses pain puts on your body. Although alcohol can help you fall asleep, as it metabolizes, it promotes shallow sleep, reduces important REM sleep, and may even wake you.

3. Quit smoking

Smoking may actually contribute to pain in the long run. It slows healing, worsens circulation, and increases the risk of degenerative disc problems.

4. Boost energy with healthy foods

One way to keep your body strong is to eat a well-balanced diet. Eating right improves blood sugar, helps maintain weight, reduces heart disease risk, and aids digestion. Turn to fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Stay away from heavy processed foods.

5. Know your options

Often times people ignore pain and the signals their body sends until it becomes unbearable. People who seek treatments early are less likely to suffer from chronic pain, and return to their activities sooner. Define: Health as numerous options to reduce pain. You may require soft tissue treatment, laser therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy… We will work to reduce your symptoms in the shortest amount of time!


FACT: Relief can often come quickly from early treatment of minor aches and pains! Do not ignore pain. It is your body’s way of communicating.

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