muscle injuries: the science

Muscle injuries comprise of 10%-55% of all sustained sport related injuries.  Contusions, strains or lacerations are the three main causes of muscle injuries with more than 90% of muscle injuries resulting from contusions and strains.  A muscle contusion is where a muscle is subject to a sudden, strong compressive direct blow resulting in muscle tissue damage.  Strains are most commonly caused during sprinting, jumping, or rapid muscular contraction or over stretching.  This causes an excessive tensile (pulling) force subjected onto the muscle leading to overstraining of the myofibers (muscle fibers).  This typically occurs at the point where the muscle joins […] read more

perfecting your bench press

Is it chest day at the gym? Here’s what everyone should know: When performing bench press, dumbbell press or even push-ups, there is much more that one must consider rather than having the sole goal of trying to achieve the ever desired perfect beach body chest.  One must always keep injury PREVENTION as the main priority in mind before all else.  Here are some helpful tips on ways to avoid injury, and increase overall performance. What NOT to do? Never bench press in a 90 degree posture: Bench pressing with your shoulder angle at 90 degrees (the angle that your […] read more