good carbs

Cycling season is in full force. And with a wide range of energy drinks, protein bars, gels and supplements, its hard to know what’s what sometimes. The best way to understand what sources of energy our bodies need, is to understand how we get energy from food. The short story: Digestive enzymes in your stomach will convert your food into fuel for you body to function. We begin breaking down proteins into their building blocks, which are called amino acids. We break down carbohydrates into its smallest subunit, glucose. We take large molecules of fat, and break them into fatty […] read more

walk this way

  Looking for a weight loss activity that is enjoyable, easy on your joints and one of the safest forms of exercise? Fact: Walkers have fewer incidences of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other chronic diseases. They live longer and experience mental health and stress relieving benefits. walk it off. Research continually shows fast-paced walking, when combined with healthy eating, is a highly effective for weight loss. the goal: Aim for 30 minutes at power-walk intensity 3-5 days a week Busy Schedule? If your schedule doesn’t permit long walks, no problem! BREAK IT UP into walking shorter periods of at least 10 minutes […] read more

muscle injuries: the science

Muscle injuries comprise of 10%-55% of all sustained sport related injuries.  Contusions, strains or lacerations are the three main causes of muscle injuries with more than 90% of muscle injuries resulting from contusions and strains.  A muscle contusion is where a muscle is subject to a sudden, strong compressive direct blow resulting in muscle tissue damage.  Strains are most commonly caused during sprinting, jumping, or rapid muscular contraction or over stretching.  This causes an excessive tensile (pulling) force subjected onto the muscle leading to overstraining of the myofibers (muscle fibers).  This typically occurs at the point where the muscle joins […] read more

Plank: the proper technique

Plank is an amazing posture to work on when developing your core… if done correctly! Follow our key tips to ensure you are getting the FULL benefits: Make the plank: Neutral spine is most important! Keep a straight line from your toes, through your hips, to your ears. Avoid the “Teepee” (butt in the air): Avoid the hip hike Try not to rest your weight into the toes by lifting your hips. Hiking the bum up puts more stress on the shoulders, and leaves less work for the core. Think: work the gluts and activate the legs TIP: keep the […] read more

perfecting your bench press

Is it chest day at the gym? Here’s what everyone should know: When performing bench press, dumbbell press or even push-ups, there is much more that one must consider rather than having the sole goal of trying to achieve the ever desired perfect beach body chest.  One must always keep injury PREVENTION as the main priority in mind before all else.  Here are some helpful tips on ways to avoid injury, and increase overall performance. What NOT to do? Never bench press in a 90 degree posture: Bench pressing with your shoulder angle at 90 degrees (the angle that your […] read more